We are Motatos

Our goal?

Around the world, lots of perfectly good food is wasted unnecessarily. A can of tomatoes, the last cup in the coffee brewer or pasta with a past best-before date. We want good, flawless food to be eaten, not thrown away!

Our long-term goal is to eradicate food waste and waste in general. One can dream! To do this, we sometimes have to sell goods with passed best-before dates. But never goods that are bad or inedible. We promise.

Motatos was founded in Sweden in 2013 by the three friends Erik, Kalle and Uffe, who saw how large amounts of perfect food were thrown away, for no reason at all. At the same time, the world had begun to talk about the climate for real. Not throwing away flawless food was not only genius but also super important for the planet. Erik and his two friends realised that they were onto something big and started an e-commerce platform from a basement with the help of a simple tool they found online.

Soon they spent days and nights packing boxes, and orders continued to increase. Their idea had become a movement. Price hunters and climate heroes from everywhere wanted to join. Had they started a revolution?




Why are we a different kind of food store?

Motatos' ambition is to make everything as simple as possible. That's why we only sell sustainable stuff. Just sustainable stuff. Now you probably have a bunch of questions about how it works.




The short version sounds something like this: Motatos sell save-the-planet-stuff* that would otherwise be thrown away for any of the following reasons:

  • Overproduction
  • Faulty packaging
  • Seasonal trends
  • Short or sometimes passed best-before dates

Just throwing this away would be an incredible waste of our planet's resources. So we simply save them, and sell them at super discounts. All you need to do to get the products home to your door and at the same time become a climate hero is simply to buy them. Easy peasy is what we would call it.

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How do I shop?

Just like in any regular online food store. You browse a category, start with Food Cupboard, click on an item you like, put it in your shopping cart and repeat that process until you are satisfied. Then you proceed to the checkout, enjoy the thought of all the money you have saved and the effort you have made for the environment, choose the desired shipping method and complete the purchase. As we do not have any physical stores, you'll get your order delivered to your door. Pretty convenient, right?

How does delivery work?

As we do not sell any fresh, refrigerated or frozen goods, we can send your order (which comes in one or several boxes) via the usual package distributors. This also means that we are able to deliver everywhere. Read more about how our deliveries work!

How can it be both affordable and sustainable?

Because we save products and help our suppliers be more sustainable, we get the opportunity to buy our products at great prices. This means we can sell them to you with amazing discounts. And because everything you find with us is saved, it is also sustainable. Our type of sustainability is accessible to just about everyone. Read more about what sustainability means to us!

What is up with your assortment, it changes all the time?

First of all, we do not sell any fresh, refrigerated or frozen foods, only fantastic dry food which can be stored in a cupboard. So no dairy or vegetables are found here! Secondly, we always strive to stock the most well-known brands on the market. But because we constantly want to save things that are at risk of being thrown away, we must adapt to what needs to be saved right now. This means that our range is more limited than a normal supermarket and changes almost every day.

How do I know what best-before date a product has?

It's easy! We always make sure to write the best-before date in the product information. You find the product information by clicking on an item you like and then look at the best-before information that you find just below the item's price. More questions about best-before dates? Visit our FAQ!

What do you mean by normal retail price?

All our goods have both a price and a normal price. The normal price for an item is a comparison price and is based on what the corresponding item costs in a medium-sized Brittish grocery store. At Motatos, we always strive for our prices to be 20-60% cheaper than the product's normal price. Remember that the normal price does not include local pricing, sales or promotional prices.